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1-800-Got-Junk (215)929-1161
Bagel Train Inc(215) 321-4474
Best Darn Kettlecorn  (215)781-0878
Canal Street Grille(215) 321-1333
Carlucci's Grill(215) 321-9010
Charming Garden(215) 321-8668
Christine's Restaurant(215) 369-2930
Continental Tavern(215) 493-9191
Cramer Bakery(215) 493-2760
Indian Garden(215) 369-7016
Landolfi's Original Deli(215) 321-4590
Mil-Lee's Luv-Inn Diner(215) 369-2400
Shady Brook Farm(215) 968-1670
Starbucks Coffee(215) 493-7315
T Foster & Co(215) 493-1044
The Pink Daisy(215) 321-2248
The Skin Studio(215) 369-9787
Vinces Pizza of Yardley(215) 493-2750
Yardley Ice House(215) 321-9788
Yardley Inn Restaurant & Bar(215) 493-3800
Ye Olde Yardley Florist(215) 493-5656
Ziamatic Corp.(215) 493-3618

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